Hilton Head Island 2016

FullSizeRender-4Vacations are like the birthday cake of life. It’s like you spend your whole life trying to make the right choices for that one day you get to pig out and pretend the calories don’t count. Unfortunately for me, the calories do count, and the scale happily reminded me this morning.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me from enjoying an amazing vacation filled with awesome food every single night. Now that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room (literally me), I suppose I’ll begin looking on the bright side of things like I do with most of my posts.

This past week I spent my time on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC. Having been there 3 years ago the anticipation upon arrival was killing me. There are quite a few reasons why I love the beach.

First, I truly believe I am cold-blooded. I love everything about the hot weather that comes along with the beach, including my fresh sun-kissed glow. I also have to say there is nothing more peaceful than laying on the beach listening to the sound of the ocean and truly allowing yourself to relax. That’s the real reason we take vacation anyways, because, nothing matters. We leave our jobs, all the nonsense people and any other stressful factors of life behind for a week away from reality.

Being on this vacation remind me of so many things I take advantage of through my day-to-day life. Mainly, how much I love MY bed. I realized though how absolutely blessed I am for the people I have as my family. How lucky am I that my Aunt and Uncle opened their arms to me without even thinking twice? In my family, it’s like the more the merrier and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While in reality I don’t drink mimosas all morning, crush an entire container of Oreos in one night, go back for seconds (and thirds) at dinner, spend money like I’m ballin’ (wait on it) or wake up at 6a.m. to run on the beach (more like 7:30 cuz I was a sleepy).

What I do have in reality is some amazing people. As I bring myself to the harsh reality that I will be in class tomorrow, I am looking at these pictures just as jealous as you. Back to the real world for me, but at least it’s not with a new shark bite, or jelly fish sting, or drunk tattoo, or sand in my bed, or a 12 hour car ride! Anyways, now I’m just rambling. Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy.



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