God! Party of one.

server imageIn a world full of great division, I want to share a story of deep connection to a person I didn’t know.

I have been a server at my current employment for over a year now. When I went into this job, like most people, I thought .. “Great! If I’m nice to people they’ll leave me all their money.” However, most servers know that’s not the case. For the better half of this past year of employment I struggled to be happy in this job. It seemed no matter how nice I was to a table, it didn’t guarantee them to leave me a good tip. My faith in humanity was diminishing every week.

I thought I was at my final breaking point after I waited on a party of three women that rang their bill up to $163.00 and left me a $3.00 tip. Allow me to spare you the math, that’s less than 2%. I was not rude. I did not mess up a single item on their check. They were just “those customers”. Yeah, the ones every server wants to avoid in trying to pay our bills.

However, I did not quit my job. I talked to a fellow server and she reminded me that this chapter of my life is almost over. I only have 2 months left until I graduate college and I need to be employed until I get a full time job. I am here to tell you today that I am so grateful that I stayed.

I believe that whatever you fill your mind with is what your outside actions reflect. I have always had a connection to my spirituality, but recently I have really started to give credit where it’s due. I thank Jesus everyday for coming into my life and transforming my mind towards his will for my life. This transition hasn’t been easy and I still stumble more often than not, but I’ve never been more content with a decision in my life.

Rather than going into work miserable and unhappy I’ve decided to take a new approach. Although some weeks it’s easier than others, I’ve been asking God to help me share the light of Jesus with the people I wait on during my shifts. I don’t feel the need to preach at anyone because to be quite honest I’m just not at that point in my walk yet. I’ve just simply shifted my perspective from making money to sharing the light of Christ with others. In doing so, I received a blessing.

This past weekend I waited on a party of one. For those of you who are servers, this isn’t your ideal table. You know that you’re most likely going to get a small tip because their check total will be low. Regardless, when I walked over to this woman I knew her spirit was light and full.

During the course of her meal I learned a great bit about her. She told me that she had been craving this meal all day, so I was excited to be able to provide that to her. She shared with me that she had four sons and how she learned to cook for them. Then the conversation took a turn I didn’t see coming.

Another server stopped to complement her on her skin. She looked incredibly youthful and she wanted to know her secret. She shared with us that growing up she lost her mother in high school, she had bad intimate relationships, and through it all she turned to the church. She said in giving her life to Jesus she is completely fulfilled.

I could not believe what I just heard! Out of every server in the building this woman was placed in my section. It was no coincidence that she shared the loss of her mother, the same loss that I share. I told her how I’ve connected with Jesus in the same way by doing kids ministry at the church I attend. By the end of her meal we had exchanged names, said we would pray for each other, and before I knew it I was hugging her in a way that seemed out of my control.

I loved this woman for the same love we share for Jesus. I did not see her as being old when I am young. I did not see her skin color as black while mine is white. What I realized in that situation is how connected we all are. When you stop focusing on how different we can be, how unique God created us, you begin to see how deeply unified we all are.

I feel so blessed that I was given that opportunity to actively speak about God’s grace in my life. With a woman who outwardly appeared so different, but inside was so much of me.



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  1. Wow what an amazing story. You are an amazing person inside and out. From the first day I met you we have a special Mother daughter relationship, I looked forward to seeing you and hearing about your school, friends, and your job. You should be so proud of where you are in your life and you have so much more coming forth your way. Love ya

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