Writing Down Your Goals

463FAF53-C065-4C4B-A598-C04F11458C39To all my fellow Pinterest junkies, I’m sure some of you know what a vision board is.

Its this creative little idea where you write down all of your goals, long term and short term, and post it on a board somewhere that you’ll see daily. This board can also contain anything that inspires you and motivates you to improve your life.

About a year ago I decided to make a vision board and I’m at a place in life where i’m finally seeing some of it come true.

When I created this board a lot of my goals had to do with running and school.

I wrote down that I wanted to complete my second half marathon in less than two hours. (SUE ME) Didn’t quite hit that mark, but I still managed to improve my time by nearly ten minutes. I promise you those three minutes and fifty-eight seconds will haunt me until I run again this year.

The second thing I wanted to manifest into reality was my life as a student. This has been a personal struggle of mine pretty much since the moment I began my undergrad journey.

There are a number of different reasons that complicated this experience for me, and you can read about those in a post I made a little over a year ago titled Two Thumbs Up For Non-Tradition . 

I remember writing down these goals, and really believing them. I wrote that I wanted to: have an internship by Summer 2017, to graduate in Fall 2017, have a full time job at least 6 months after graduating, and move out by the time i’m twenty-five.

To a lot of people living at home until they are twenty-five seems like honestly a death sentence. LET(clap)ME(clap)TELL(clap)YOU(clap)! If my dad asks me, “where are you going?” “where is my… (insert lost item).” or “clean up this mess” ONE MORE TIME .. I’m going to lose my mind.

So, yes.. death sentence ✓ 

However, I am happy to tell you that I did in fact have an internship this past summer (that I actually enjoyed). I am one test and one presentation away from graduating this semester (Fall 2017). I have a wonderful job opportunity, that will hopefully be able to support that last goal of moving on out.

As I see the vision come full circle, I can’t help but think that little Pinterest trick turned out to have some motivating truth behind it. There were some things I could have done better with it, like be in my room more often to see it (oops), but I truly believe writing down my goals engraved it into my memory as something I wanted to accomplish.

Now that these once goals are turning into my reality, I want to continue this vision board concept with new aspirations for my future.

→ To strengthen my relationship with Christ.

→ To strive for excellence at my new job.

→ To be a positive light in my boyfriend and his child’s life, as well as, my friends and family.

→ To live a healthier life for the right reasons.

.. and many more things to improve the quality of my life and offer nothing but love to those around me.

My reason for posting any of this is to show you the power of writing down your dreams. It’s a very personal experience to see YOUR handwriting, writing YOUR dreams on a piece of paper and in a sense give life to the many things you want to see happen around you.

I’m excited that I feel as though another chapter of my life is coming to an end. Although I struggle with change and have fears of the future I want to use this example as a visual representation of all of the blessings that are happening around us each and every day.

One of the best things I’ve learned in life is that.. you can’t control what happens to you, but you absolutely have the ability to control how you react to the things that do.

I encourage you to create a vision board this year for yourself. Really take the time to write these things down, and look at them as though you can see them happening. Go into the new year ready and determined to bring these goals to life, and of course, have FUN.

Last but not least,

18 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!! and thank you for reading, always.

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