Stranger Things!!!

stranger things!!SPOILER ALERT!! 

Whoever decided that “Netflix and chill” had an alternative meaning outside of literally becoming ONE with your couch, has obviously never watched Stranger Things.

When I was watching this show it was brought to my attention that it had been out for a little over a year. After some research, allow me to inform you that the first season was released on my birthday. Clearly, I am spiritually connected to this show in every way possible.

I wasn’t even the one to suggest watching it, my boyfriend was. He fell asleep TWICE while watching and I wasn’t waiting for him to catch up. (and neither was the demogoron, sorry Micah. Not really though.)

From the first episode I knew I was hooked. I loved the 80’s setting of the show with the old cars, and music, and outfits, but not the wallpaper and wall colors. I’m glad those aren’t my reality.

I didn’t have any background info on what the show was even about, but after all six seasons of Lost I was ready for a new Netflix binger.

To my surprise I actually liked the thought of some creepy “monster” “alien” taking some boy into another dimension. Call me crazy, I know.

Then I was even happier when I realized that the audience got to see the demogorgon and we weren’t left in the dark wondering WHAT took Will. I was scarred after all of the things that NEVER happened in Lost.

There were a few things in the show that made me, and probably most of anyone who watched it, sad. Like, why was nobody upset when Barb went missing? We saw one phone call to her mom early on and then not really anything else until the second season.

I thought for sure when they were pulling taxidermy Will out of the water it was Barb. I was positive thats when they were going to add her death into the story more. I was wrong.

Outside of the injustices that were done to poor Barb the other characters made up for it. I mean, I’m literally in love with El (we’re tight! nickname basis). She’s so cute, and if my head were slightly smaller and more normal I would shave my hair to be like her.

Even though these kids were young I actually liked that there was some romance happening throughout the show. That being said, I am team Steve for sure. I could tell from the first season he genuinely liked Nancy. Then stupid Johnathan had to throw shade at him and make his move on her. Nancy is NOT a Ride or Die.

There were an endless amount of things I liked about this show. Especially Will’s mother talking to him trough Christmas lights. Really put me in the holiday spirit.

The second season had some points that I got slightly bored with, but not anything that made me want to stop watching. If anything it was just my ADD giving me a run for my money.

Overall, I am very easy to please with MOST movies and shows. I like to spend my time with fake people and pretend I know what’s going on in their life. It’s like social media, but way less creepy because I’m not actually ever going to meet these people I.R.L. It’s all pretend. That’s the same, but I digress.

I hope  if you’ve watched this show that you agree with everything I’ve said. (Justice for BARB) (Nancy Suxx) (Eleven is my spirit animal), and if you don’t… then I don’t know, go watch Friends or something lame like that.

Seriously though, this show was great and I’m so excited to know that they are coming out with new seasons and I will get to revisit these characters at a later point in my life. Hopefully one where I’m not procrastinating papers and studying in order to watch it. (Priorities, ya know)

As always,

Thank you for reading, and please share all your comments/thoughts on the show. I know there is so much left to be said!

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