Something I Feel Strongly About

taco 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

I’ve taken some time to honestly think about this next discussion. I feel strongly about a lot of things so it was hard to decide on just one.

I also like cracking jokes which is why I seriously could have made this post about “Why tacos are ALWYAS the right dinner choice.”

Deep, Aleigha. Deep.

However, I opted for something a little more meaningful. Boringgggg. I know.

If you’ve gotten past more than 30 words on most of my posts, you probably know I have a growing foundation in Christ. While I don’t want to make this post entirely on that, it does play an important role in what I do want to talk about.

It’s simple. Be nice to people.

We live in a world so distorted by fast paced environments that encourage us to distract ourselves from ever being present. No wonder we’re all running around mad.

Like mad angry, AND mad losing our minds.

Perfect example. Have you ever been to a grocery store around 4/5PM Monday-Friday? I’ve never actually received more dirty looks in my life than during those times.

(Sorry I don’t know the product code number for sweet potatoes off the top of my head. I DON’T WORK HERE! I like self check out. It makes me feel self sufficient.)

As I’ve spent my time thinking about this topic, I realized that angry people are everywhere you go. And most of them are very justified in why they have a chip on their shoulder. Lets be honest, life ain’t easy.

The bottom line is, you don’t know what someone is going through in their day-to-day life. I like to think that I am an open person. After all, I am sharing my life with strangers on the internet, but in reality I’m pretty reserved.

I deal with things in my own way. I’m quiet about them. I take time to process and I move forward the best way I know how. Everyone’s different in the way they cope.

Which is why a little bit of kindness towards others can go such a long way.

Maybe someone is dealing with a divorce, their parent has cancer, or they lost their job. People don’t just wake up saying “I WANT TO BE MAD AND MEAN!” No, life happens.

I’ve learned what doesn’t help is having a whole bunch of impatient, unthoughtful, and down right rude people around you everywhere you go.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of times when my patience have been pushed just a little too far. I am only human. But for the most part I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I have so many things to be thankful for. I don’t live “paycheck to paycheck”. I have my health. I have supportive people in my life who care about my well being. Overall I can’t REALLY complain.

If more people adopted this idea, we might actually get a little more done. You wouldn’t go into a job interview being snippy and impolite. Why would you walk around life acting that way? Think of all the opportunities you are robbing yourself of because of your attitude towards other people.

Yes! I know there are downfalls to this argument. “People will take advantage of you.” Well, I’m not going around like an idiot letting people use me. I have boundaries and I am learning more and more everyday how to speak up for myself.

I am merely suggesting that the next time you want to cut someone off in traffic, you don’t. It’s the little things. That require almost no effort. Chose to be kind in those acts.

It takes time, but it’s a great way to start finding your inner peace. You slow down a bit. You learn to appreciate how good you have it. You don’t feel the need to “win” every situation. It brings you closer to the present moment, and that is a great realization.

As always, thank you for reading! Happy FRIDAY.


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