I’ve designed this section of my blog to be a place where you’ll find anything that sparks my interest. This might be a website, a video, a song. Really anything that I feel is worth sharing without making a full blog post about.

Hope you Enjoy!pagebreak

One Minute List — Cool site to waste some time on and learn a thing or two.

Fitt City | Pittsburgh — Great resource for getting some info about health/fitness in Pittsburgh.

16 Personalities Test — Took this test and couldn’t believe the amount of feedback I received. Spot on with my personality. Really try to agree or disagree to get the best results for your test.

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace — If you’re a Millennial and wonder why the workplace doesn’t feel right to you, this guy has some great insight that is really illuminating on my generation. Check it out!

Transformation Church — I’ve seen videos pop up on my Facebook so much lately that I had to check out their entire YouTube Chanel. Zero regrets. The lead pastor Michael Todd is on point with his delivery. Series “relationship goals” opened my eyes a great bit.